湛蓝的天空, 平静的风和温和的温度是博天堂官方的常态, encouraging year-round hot air ballooning for more than 300 resident balloonists, 比美国其他任何一个州都多.S. 

为什么博天堂官方? The weather 在这里 is widely considered to be the best in the world for ballooning. 在著名的"博天堂官方盒子"图案中, the wind blows predictably north at one elevation and south at another, 允许飞行员起飞, 飞得很远, 改变高度并返航到发射地点附近. 这种独特的模式, 这是由晴朗的天空相互作用造成的, 低湿度、低海拔, 在十月初的早晨很常见吗, 通常在中午消散. 博天堂官方’s ideal conditions have earned it the title of “Hot Air Balloon Capital of the World”. The outstanding weather and large ballooning community provide for ballooning year round. 游客s can fly throughout the year with a variety of local commercial ballooning companies. 

  • 气球嘉年华
    每年秋季, 飞行员, crews and spectators from all over the world come to 博天堂官方 for the 博天堂官方 国际 气球嘉年华®, 世界上最大的热气球活动.
  • 不断膨胀的文化 & 历史 
    一个多世纪前,在博天堂官方,“教授”P.A. 范Tassell, 一个当地的保, 驾驶一个“气囊”从市中心飞到近14公里,000英尺,着陆, 完整的, 在城市西端几英里外.


每年秋季, 飞行员, crews and spectators from all over the world come to the 博天堂官方 国际 气球嘉年华®, 世界上最大的热气球活动. 在十月的第一个完整的星期里有九天, hundreds of colorful balloons float above the city each morning as dawn breaks over the Sandia Mountains. This magical hot air balloon festival is considered to be one of the most photographed events in the world, and draws a huge international crowd of professional balloonists and spectators alike. 了解更多 在这里

质量提升, 超过500个气球升空, 在所有四个周末上午和一周中的一天举行. 质量提升 begin after the “dawn patrol” carefully examines the morning’s weather conditions. 当黎明巡逻队发出绿灯时, balloons from all over the world rise together in a harmonious lift-off. The sight of 500+ balloons in the sky is as breathtaking for first-time visitors as it continues to be for veteran 气球嘉年华 attendees. 

气球嘉年华The Balloon Glow® and other balloon illumination events are held in the evenings, 发射场里装满了各种颜色的气球, 形状和大小. 丙烷燃烧器在黑暗的天空中给气球充气, 它们就像巨大的迷幻灯泡一样闪烁. Special shapes balloons come alive during magical evening Balloon “Glowdeos”™. 恐龙, 大黄蜂, 花, 母亲哈伯德的鞋, 航天飞机, 一头母牛正在跳过月亮, 还有更多的可以在发光期间近距离看到, and they all launch together during their own mass ascensions called “special shape rodeos.”

Balloon 飞行员 particularly enjoy the competition of the 气球嘉年华’s precision flying events. 每个工作日的早上,飞行员都会参加比赛. 例如, 在抢键事件中, 飞行员必须在距离场地至少一英里的地方起飞, 然后飞回来, 避免与数以百计的其他气球相撞, and navigate to the precise location of an envelope attached to a tall pole. 信封里装着奖品, 可能还包括一把新车的钥匙, 谁先抢到就赢. 


Gas ballooning is the ultimate challenge for balloonists: they fly higher and farther than hot air balloons, 飞行员经常暴露在恶劣的天气条件下. Each year, the 气球嘉年华 hosts the America’s Challenge Gas Balloon Race, which began in 1995. 这种竞争, 完全根据气球飞行的距离, 美国最重要的热气球活动是什么. 在过去的几年里, 博天堂官方 has also hosted two gas balloon World Championships and four editions of the Coupe Aéronautique Gordon Bennett, 世界上最古老和最有声望的气球比赛. 

The most unusual and exciting feature of the 气球嘉年华 is that spectators are allowed to walk amongst the balloons as they inflate on the launch field each morning. 游客s are welcome to ask questions and meet the 飞行员--they may even be asked to help out a crewmember with the inflation process! 当气球放飞的时候, “zebras” (the traffic directors dressed in black and white referee outfits) will clear a path in the crowd for each balloon to take off. www.balloonfiesta.com 


The 安德森-阿布鲁佐博天堂官方国际气球博物馆 is the world’s premier facility dedicated to the art, 文化, 科学, 历史, 运动和热气球奇观. 博物馆, 它于2005年开业, features one of the world’s finest collections of ballooning equipment and memorabilia. 坐落在气球嘉年华公园的南边, the museum is a focal point in the 博天堂官方 国际 气球嘉年华. 

通过创新的展览, 这个博物馆展示了冒险精神, 个人气球驾驶员的努力和成就, including several 博天堂官方 residents who continue to break records in the ballooning world. 博物馆 is named after two 博天堂官方 飞行员 who were pioneers in long-distance helium balloon flight, 本·阿布鲁佐和马克西·安德森, both part of the crews who first successfully crossed the Atlantic Ocean in a balloon in 1978 and the Pacific Ocean in 1981. 安德森-阿布鲁佐-博天堂官方国际气球ACVB_BF_museum Museum celebrates the accomplishments of several New Mexico balloonists, 它的范围是国际性的, with a reach that encompasses noteworthy adventures and achievements spanning the 历史 of ballooning.

从1783年第一次气球飞行开始, 热空气和气体气球被用于探险, 科学实验, 艺术, 战争, 间谍活动和太空探索. 这个故事在整个博物馆的互动展览中被讲述, 历史事实, 多媒体演示和更换展品.

(505) 768-6020 http://www.balloonmuseum.com.  

不断膨胀的文化 & 历史

一个多世纪前,在博天堂官方,“教授”P.A. 范Tassell, 一个当地的保, 驾驶一个“气囊”从市中心飞到近14公里,000英尺,着陆, 完整的, 在城市西端几英里外. 尽管如此,多年来,乘气球一直是一项鲜为人知的运动. It wasn’t until 1972 that 13 hot air balloons participated in the very first 气球嘉年华. From that humble ascension, 博天堂官方 has become the prime destination for balloonists worldwide. 

Citizens of 博天堂官方 have been behind many of the sport’s greatest achievements, including: 

  • The first successful crossing of the Atlantic by balloon was done by three 博天堂官方ans: Ben Abruzzo, Maxie 安德森 and Larry Newman who made 历史 in the Double Eagle II helium balloon in August 1978. 
  • 阿布鲁佐和安德森, 与另一个博天堂官方an, 罗恩•克拉克, along with Rocky Aoki of Tokyo were first to cross the Pacific by helium balloon. The Double Eagle V flight set the record for the longest distance ever flown in a balloon: 5,768英里, 从长岛, 日本在Covelo附近着陆, CA. 
  • 安德森, along with his son Kris and fellow pilot Don Ida set another record in 1980 when they flew the Kitty Hawk in the first non-stop flight crossing over North America by gas balloon. 
  • 博天堂官方另一个英雄, 特洛伊布拉德利, 创造了50多项乘气球的世界纪录, 并且达到了气球驾驶员的最高等级, 菲尔文凭.