博天堂官方 is home to a rich and thriving African-美国 community including artists, 企业家, families and individuals all tightly woven within the fabric of the city. The African-美国 community here reaches back to the first wave of 西班牙语 explorers, and the history of this community includes societal and cultural challenges that, 而与其他城市相似, 是这个地区独有的吗.

The Black community in New Mexico has a compelling legacy that dates back more than 500 years, 从Estevanico, 来自北非的西班牙荒原, 他们来寻找金子. 著名的水牛战士, 诺贝尔和平奖得主, 今天的历史创造者们也追随了他的脚步. 

New 墨西哥s celebrate the African-美国 experience all year long:
*The African-美国 Performing 艺术 Center curates top-notch performances steeped in rich culture. (www.aapacnm.org)
*爱丽丝F. Hoppes African-美国 Pavilion at the annual Expo New Mexico 状态 fair showcases exceptional talent. 

*The Black 历史 Month program at the University of New Mexico Africana Studies Department kicks off with an annual brunch the last Saturday in January; continues with a variety of related events throughout February; and 关闭s with a cultural festival sponsored by the UNM African-美国 Student 服务 Division. (africanastudies.在野势力的.edu)

一年一度的马丁·路德·金纪念日游行, held in mid-January celebrates the life of the visionary peacemaker who championed civil rights and changed the course of this nation. 这次游行是由博天堂官方州的马丁·路德·金赞助的. 国家委员会寻求履行博士的职责. 国王的梦, 在减少青年冲突的同时, 赞助青年会议, 为纪念奖, 并举办一次领袖之旅. (www.nmmlksc.com‎)

*博天堂官方黑人历史月组委会, 组织的联盟, 全年举办活动, 包括青年根系暑期学院. The committee also conducts a month-long festival throughout February, while offering numerous volunteer and sponsorship opportunities that provide a way for newcomers to learn about the community, 参与, 还有归属感.  (www.nmblackhistorymonth.com)

 *Texas transplants brought the festive annual Juneteenth Celebration to New Mexico in recognition of June 19, 1865—the day enslaved African-美国s were finally freed in Texas —a year and a half after President Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation.

African-美国s in New Mexico are deeply driven by a sense of purpose. 许多人已经开始在地方和州一级发挥领导作用, 来自长期公职人员詹姆斯·刘易斯, the former 状态 treasurer; to elected officials such as Sheryl Williams Stapleton and Jane Powdrell-Culbert. The State of New Mexico Office of African-美国 Affairs also serves as a community resource and advocacy organization.  (www.oaaa.状态.nm.us)

The Powdrell name is legend in New Mexico: Many a delicious meal has been enjoyed at Mr. Powdrell’s Barbecue House locations in 博天堂官方 or at events they cater. (www.powdrellsbbq.网.com)由皮特和凯瑟琳·波德瑞尔在40年代和50年代创立, the business has been handed down and carried on through their 11 children. The Powdrells paved the way for new businesses such as Ken Carson’s Nexus Brewery, an African-美国 owned “New 墨西哥 Soul Food” establishment where you can spend many a happy hour.  (www.nexusbrewery.com)

这个城市的美容院和理发店, 以及其他非裔美国企业, 创造急需的产品和服务, 同时作为当地人的交流中心. But there’s nothing like a print publication to catch you up on all the important goings-on around town, 长期运行的媒体出口所扮演的角色, 角度看杂志, 由长期居住的罗尼·华莱士掌舵.
One of the early African-美国s to relocate to 博天堂官方 was Ralph Bunche in 1915. He was a member of the esteemed Mount Olive Baptist Church back then, and went on to become a political scientist and diplomat who received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1950 for his mediation efforts in Palestine—the first African-美国 and first person of color so honored. Bunche also received the Medal of Freedom from President Kennedy. 他的一些成功的根源是在博天堂官方种下的, where his family moved from Detroit for the health of his mother and brother, 他们都患有肺结核. After they passed on a few years later, his grandmother took the remaining family on to Los Angeles.

邦奇一家去了橄榄山, it was Grant Chapel African Methodist Episcopal that holds the honor of being 博天堂官方’s first black church; it was founded in 1883 as a “house of worship and prayer for all nations of people.” Grant Chapel hosts an annual communitywide Martin Luther King Jr. 奖学金的早餐. 

You’d have to backtrack more than a century to find the trails the Buffalo Soldiers blazed while protecting our country on the front lines of the Southwest following the Civil War. 共计12个,500 black men—and at least one woman—were enlisted in the Army’s 9th and 10th cavalry, 还有第38届, 39th, 40和41, which protected settlements and establish towns throughout the territory. They set up mail and stage routes throughout the west, helping to maintain law and order.
The troops got their name from the Plains Indians in part because of their wooly hair, 部分原因是他们无畏的力量, 让印第安人想起野牛的力量. One soldier, Cathay Williams, served in a regiment in a time before women could vote. Eighteen brave Buffalo Soldiers ultimately received Medals of Honor.

So while Estavanico—a k a Esteban the black—never found the fabled cities of gold that his search party came looking for back in the 1500s, the African-美国 culture that’s developed in New Mexico over the ensuing centuries is rich indeed.                                                                                            帕梅拉·K. 约翰逊
A number of organizations and 网ites offer local or 状态wide calendars of events: